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Pros Should Develop Pros

If you are a fan that's want to see better and more US players enter pro soccer, support our fan movement of pros should develop pros.

There are many ways to do this, but it comes down to convincing the MLS owners that they must get into the development business, and quit relying on the USSF.You can do this by bringing public pressure to bear through the soccer community, as well as contacting the clubs to get the subject on the owners agenda. To help you we have provided a variety of material and contacts so that your voice may be heard. It will take you less than 10 minutes to send an e-mail, a fax, and a letter using our samples.Or if your short of time pick one, and come back later. BUT do it NOW!

We also encourage you to do more by volunteering to help MLS and USISL clubs in their efforts to improve the development aspects of US soccer. See our solution and include your offer in your MLS faxes.

Thanks for your assistance.

Dan Barnes and Dan Roudebush

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