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History of Men's Professional Soccer in Minnesota
Welcome to my 'History of Men's Pro Soccer in Minnesota' site ! This site is in the ongoing construction stages. Team information has been compiled for all seasons. Next up is the addition of areas that will highlight the Players who have come out of the Twin Cities area, and made an impact both on the team and the community. This is one area I could use plenty of help. If anyone is willing to write biographies on players, I would very much appreciate it. Again, your help in compiling information on individual players would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at

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Minnesota Kicks

Minnesota Kicks .::. 1976-1984

Minnesota got it's start in pro soccer in 1976 when the Denver Dynamos of the NASL moved to Minnesota and became the Minnesota Kicks. The Minnesota Kicks played in the NASL for 6 seasons, playing 174 games, compiling a record of 104 Wins and 74 Losses, scoring 352 goals and giving up 273 goals, amassing 208 points and earnng a winning percentage of 0.597%. In addition, while playing outdoor soccer in the NASL, the team attendance over the 6 years averaged 24,381, with a high of 32,775 in 1977 (their 2nd year) and a low of 16,605 in 1981 (their last year). During this time frame, the Minnesota Kicks also played 30 games in two seasons in the NASL Indoor League from 1979 to 1981, compiling a record of 20 Wins, 10 Losses, scoring 168 goals and giving up 125 goals, with a winning percentage of 0.667%. The team folded following the completion of the 1981 season, however they made a 1 season return in 1984 when the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers moved to Minnesota, and the team was renamed the Minnesota Strikers.

Minnesota Strikers
Minnesota Strikers .::. 1984-1988

At the conclusion of the 1984 season, the team left the NASL and moved to the MISL Indoor League.

Minnesota continued it's pro soccer career joining the MISL in the fall of 1984 as the Minnesota Strikers. They would play for four seasons, before folding again. During those four seasons the Minnesota Strikers played in 204 games, compiling a record of 107 Wins and 97 Losses, and earning a winning percentage of 0.524%.

Minnesota Thunder
Minnesota Thunder .::. 1990-2009

Minnesota returned to the professional outdoor soccer scene in 1994, after a 6 year hiatus, as the Minnesota Thunder playing in the USISL. During sixteen seasons (ending in 2009) the Minnesota Thunder played in 422 regular season games, compiling a record of 210 Wins, 9 Shootout Wins, 10 Shootout Losses, 147 Losses and 65 Draws.

NSC Minnesota Stars
NSC Minnesota Stars .::. 2010

Minnesota suffered a tumultuous 2009 season that saw financial difficulties reach new levels, and eventually succumbed to them in December 2009. As things began to deteriorate, the National Sports Center Foundation began to look once again (they had tried unsuccessfully in 2005 to purchase the team) at acquiring the Minnesota Franchise. After resolving several legal issues related to the previous Thunder Ownership, the National Sports Center Foundation secured the Minnesota Franchise, and insured that Pro Soccer would continue in Minnesota for the 2010 season. After playing the 2010 Season in the US Soccer administered USSF D2 Pro League, the NASL received Provisional Sanctioning to play Division II soccer for 2011.

Minnesota Stars .::. 2011

In 2011, the National Sports Center Foundation could no longer accept the financial obligations of the team, so it was purchased by the NASL who through a collective ownership of the remaining NASL teams will operate the Minnesota Stars for 2011 while working towards finding a new ownership group.

Minnesota Stars FC
Minnesota Stars FC .::. 2012-Present

After Winning the NASL Championship in its Inaugural season in the reborn NASL, and making it to the 2012 Championship only to lose in Penalty Kicks, the Minnesota Stars FC dream of new ownership came to pass when local Philanthropist and Entreprenuer Dr. William McGuire purchased the team from the NASL in November of 2012 to insure yet again that Pro Soccer would remain a Minnesota constant.

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