Soccer Fans Write Their Own Guide

(March 6, 2003) A group of highly motivated fans decided after the successful experience of the World Cup in Japan and South Korea to begin work on an online travel guide. The effort has finally culminated in a website called "The Travelers' Guide to American Soccer" that has now gone "live". The site is accessible via the following URL:

Each city has a separate entry; with information that includes an overview of the city and its soccer history, team history, stadium info, team contact info, ticket prices, directions to stadium/parking, concessions, memorabilia, general team atmosphere, as well as a guide to recommended soccer-friendly pubs, restaurants, and lodging information.

This site will be a continual work in progress as the soccer landscape in the U.S. changes and grows. It will also provide an avenue for fans to help other fans by providing the editorial staff with information. With the first kick-offs of a new professional season from MLS to WUSA to USL looming this is the perfect time for this site to launch as fans around the country plan their summer vacations around soccer matches.

Near the end of July 2002 Mark Coker, Bill Fetty, and Bigdog decided to work on gathering information for a travel guide to soccer in the United States. The first completed guide to appear was a guide to Charleston, SC by Fetty in August. A guide to Charlotte, NC quickly followed. From there the request for help on the project moved to the NAS mailing list and from there to sites such as and

Contributors for the project came from far and wide. Eventually the info needed to be housed somewhere so Dan Barnes, operator of and as well as, stepped in to give the project a digital home as the information came in over the weeks and months.

The initial goals were to cover every MLS and A-League city, as well as eventually covering all WUSA cities, with additional info from other cities that have a tradition of soccer and to get a site up and running while attempting to get the guide published in book form. The publishing of the guide in book form will eventually see all proceeds go to the U.S. Soccer Foundation.

Now, with a few short weeks separating fans from the opening of the 2003 season we're proud to announce the opening of this resource.

The Travelers' Guide to American Soccer