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This is a extensive series of blogs from USA fans from around the world who have graciously chosen to share their travel experiences with us for all of our benefit for the Upcoming World Cup in Germany next Summer. Articles will be posted as they are received. Additionally, Useful links will be added to the right side area where applicable to make this as useful a resource as possible.

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Trier/Bamburg Small towns
  by Dan Barnes / Category :: Germany 2006
Posted on Jan 09th (Mon) 2006 @ 05:28 AM
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Paul wrote:
As has been mentioned already, Trier is wonderful. Especially worthwhile if you are a
history buff.

Bamberg is also superb. Very picturesque, with wonderful buildings. I’d recommend
both for a solid day each.

I think pretty much every city in Germany has a website.

Mike Wrote:
I LOVE Trier. It was one of my favorite cities to visit when I lived in Germany. In
1985 they had a celebration there the entire summer. The city was founded in 15 BC,
and the year 1985 marked its 2000th anniversary. That’s right, 2000 years!!!

Tom wrote:
I have been to Trier and Bamburg.  Both are interesting.  Nurnburg is close to a
number of interesting towns so there is a selection of cities where you can stay that
are close enough to Nurnburg to commute.

I stayed at the youth hostel in Bamburg not knowing that much about the town.  What a
pleasant surprise.  Most of the medieval quarter is still intact.  The hostel had
great food.  Another town  close enough for commuting is Bayreuth.  Bayreuth is the
home of Germany’s most famous music festival, the Richard Wagner festival.  It 
starts after the World Cup is over. I stayed in the hostel there too, during the
festival.  It was a heady experience, with music lovers from all over the world
staying up late chattering about music. But Bayreuth is kind of a nondescript town
with very little charm.  You could, however, get good deals on accomodation there.

Passau is also beautiful but a bit farther than Bamburg.  Nurnburg itself is great. 
I loved the town, the hostel, the beer, the food, you  name it.

Charming small german towns:
http://www.germ link=bayern#6457 

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